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We specialize in providing large-scale material consumers, a consistent source of fully traceable high-demand engine parts.

Carrying a lot of engine part numbers, our inventory of jet engine parts for sale includes:

·         CFM56 Family                                           ·         CF6 Family

As We also offers a complement of engine support options:

  • Parts exchange and loaning
  • Inventory purchase and lease-back
  • On-site inventory spares support programs
  • Inventory management and logistics
  • Aircraft disassembly, repair, and storage management
  • Surplus inventory acquisition and consignment

We are seeking to expand our aircraft and engine portfolios through fleet and spare inventory acquisitions, and have the experience to help your company efficiently monetize its assets in today’s aviation aftermarket or aerospace aftermarket. Our integrated value extraction capabilities ensure the best price for your surplus aviation assets.


Petra Aerospace provides you a competitive purchase offers that are based on real-time transactional experience. The advantages of working with us include:

  • Fair cash purchase offers for engines, inventory and parts.
  • A strong and experienced team that will manage daily basis in a professional way.
  • Experienced purchasing staff that excels transactions as soon as they’re done.